Where Can You Find the Truth About God and Reality

Places to look

Gilbert Corliss
4 min readOct 25, 2022


The Glass Church (Image by author)

My History

I have been in a strange relationship with God, Faith, and Religion since birth. Several things tested me and confused me about the god I believed in and the god in the bible, and the science of his creation.

As an infant, I was baptized in the Catholic Church. I grew up loving the church and all the rituals of the mass. I embraced the celebration of the mass, and I believed in the transubstantiation of the host from bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. By the age of 6 I could recite all the Latin responses, and sing all the songs, also in Latin. My innocence felt God in these things.

I still love the church, even though I have not been a member of this church since I was twenty. I attended an evangelical church for the majority of 35 years, Baptist, Assembly of God, Pentecostal — but I never felt as if I belonged. Can God be found there?

I believe so.

What About Science?

Do the people worshiping in those churches really understand who or what they are worshiping? I don’t know. Because they denied the science that seems to dispute the biblical story, I could not fit in with their worship.

The bible teaches a 6-day creation story and denounces evolution. I know evolution is what God set in motion by the nature of his physics and chemistry and used it to form all life on this planet.

I know the earth is four billion or so years old, and the universe is about thirteen billion. (I am using general numbers, because, over my lifetime, they have changed many times, and will probably change again, someday. It is enough that it was around 13.8 billion years and not 6 days.)

Also, I am not welcome in these churches because I am also gay. That is a no-no. You are going to hell. You are gay.

Unforgivable Sin

The church brothers and sisters are always talking about the “unforgivable sin” which we all know, according to the bible, is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. That, at least, is what Jesus claimed, and that it is unforgivable in this life and the next.



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