Random Thoughts on a Piece of Paper

Gilbert Corliss
3 min readJun 9, 2021

Using a Piece of Paper to Ramble, and Procrastinate and Say I Am Writing

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

June 6, 2021

(Printed in black fountain pen ink) I want to use this paper to write various thoughts, ideas, prayers, or anything that comes to mind.

This might be a good place to list my goals and determine the top five. Once I know the top five, I will need to discard the rest.

Buffet was right. I don’t need to choose only one. He was also right, that I need to narrow them down to only a few (five).

(Cursive, in blue fountain pen) Yesterday, I found that typing out what I had written was a painful process, until I let my creative mind take over. The process took my handcrafted work and improved upon it a thousand fold. Yet even though I found my voice on the computer, I couldn’t write the next segment. I am realizing more and more that my first rough draft needs to come from a longhand crafting before a final, hard edit can be done on the computer.

(Cursive mechanical pencil) This suggests to me that I need to endure the drudgery of typing my handwritten work so I can benefit from the process of longhand writing — printed or cursive.

Printed is neater and easier to read (see above), but it is difficult to maintain the slow pace that printing requires. Plus, I use printing to emphasize something, like a bolded statement or something to be italicized (Italicized) but I also like to use it when I am in a reflective mood. It slows me down so I can think about what I am writing.

Plus, I love, I simply love the process.

June 7, 2021

Photo by Savvas Kalimeris on Unsplash

(Cursive, black fountain pen) The temperature has dropped to 85, outside and the temperature in the house, downstairs, has reached 79. 85 is not a bad temperature, so I have opened the upstairs windows, because I believe upstairs is near 90. What little breeze I feel is cooler than the air in my office. (I don’t have air conditioning)

[I’m] Trying to get myself to write the last part of My Father — Part II and I seem to be in procrastination mode.

June 9, 2021

(Added today, by computer) Today, typing this out is part of that process of procrastination. My Father, Part II has reached the most difficult part in the story, the denouement, if you will; the part that everyone who is the least bit interested has been waiting for. Maybe today I will be able to write it. Maybe, today, I will be able to write something of importance, not only to me, but to many who will read it.

My advice to everyone who writes is to let it flow. Get out of your own way. Your mind — your soul knows what it needs to write. Let it loose.

Gilbert Corliss

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